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MSc 3-4 LA&I


Moonshot+ is an extension of the Moonshot program [1] designed to involve a broader range of stakeholders, both within and beyond TU Delft, who are actively participating in and relevant to space exploration. The first Moonshot+ Work Package (WP) is ‘Lunar Architecture and Infrastructure’ (LA&I). Bringing together inter-faculties education and research [2], this WP aims to enable the next generation of experts to realize critical infrastructure for sustainable space exploration. It involves graduation projects starting 2024-25 that are building upon previous knowledge developed in BSc-MSc courses offered 2019-22 separately at respective faculties with students meeting ad-hoc in a rather unstructured manner [3]. With the proposed inter-faculties education, students will have the opportunity to work together in a more structured manner, possibly, in the Collaborative Design Lab [4], which is a ‘cutting-edge facility that offers a collaborative environment for concurrent and integrated system design activities’.

As part of Moonshot, Moonshot+ links education and research playing a pivotal role in advancing space exploration by training the next generation of experts capable of designing, constructing, and maintaining the critical infrastructure required for sustainable space colonization. It directly contributes to the broader goals of expanding humanity's presence beyond Earth's orbit by developing an autarkic system for building and operating off-Earth infrastructure from locally obtained materials. Results of Moonshot+ will be disseminated worldwide and will create opportunities for new research and education related activities.

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