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MSc2 UF 2021: D2RP&O for Interactive Urban Furniture



D2RP&O for Interactive Urban Furniture (IUF) will focus on the development of parametric designs for robotically 3D printing urban furniture using wood based biopolymers. The design takes functional, structural, material, and operational aspects into account. It integrates sensor-actuators into the urban furniture enabling direct and indirect communication with users via sounds, lights, etc. and web based apps, respectively. The focus will be on two main aspects of the design: 1. Parametric design and robotic production and 2. User-IUF interaction, sensor-actuator operation, and web-based communication. While BSc students focus on the 1st aspect, the MSc students will address both 1st and 2nd aspects and will develop designs in groups of 4-5 students subdivided in two subgroups addressing each one of the two aspects.


1. PPT presentation (uploaded to the wiki) showing project theme, design strategy, and design from schematic to developed and materialisation design levels.
2. 1- to max. 2-minutes video of D2RP&O process uploaded to the wiki.
3. Report (±1500 words) consisting of textual and photo/graphical documentation of D2RP&O process developed during the course.
4. Clean Rhino and Grasshopper files and refined version D2RP&O procedures.
5. 3D printed model and/or 1:1 prototypes and tests.


AR0122 is scheduled on Wednesdays 9:00-13:00h in the 3rd Quarter. The intro is on Friday 12/02, starting 13:00h and midterm and final review are preliminarily scheduled on 10/03 and 14/04, respectively. Lectures are scheduled to take place as follows:
17.02, 13:00h: Robert Lindner, ESA on Life support Systems and In-Situ Resource Utilisation for off-Earth structures
19.02, 13:00h: Volker Ruitinga, Vertico on Challenges of 3D Printing Large-scale Structures
24.02, 13:00h: Hamed Alavi, UniFri on Sensor-actuators and Human-Computer Interaction for Intelligent Distributed Systems


Henriette Bier, Max Latour, and Vera Laszlo (TUD)


A Groups 1-3