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Space Architecture

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Space Architecture is concerned with the design of extraterrestrial structures that rely on in-situ resource utilisation and robotic construction. Rhizome 1.0 approaches developed in 2021-22 for underground off-Earth habitats on Mars using Design-to-Robotic-Production-Assembly and -Operation (D2RPA&O) methods will be further advanced in Rhizome 2.0 in order to demonstrate the scalability of the concept. The aim is to (a) understand whether approaches are applicable to large i.e., ‘real-life’ construction scale and (b) outline the associated challenges and develop appropriate solutions. In this context, the design takes functional, structural, material, and operational aspects into account. It furthermore, integrates sensor-actuators into the life-support system of the habitat. It takes advantage of Computer Vision (CV) and Human-Robot Collaboration/ Interaction (HRC/ I) at various stages in the construction process.



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