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Workshop MSc 2 SA

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CS-wiki ( and
HB/ RB graduation projects (,,, and projects (


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Video & instructions:
- In the zip file, check the file named 'AI_Msc2_Video Template. prproj' file, other files are just reference images and videos used for the template.
- Replace the movies to keep the current effects on the video.
- You will see the following titles on the template: '3D Printing', 'Design', 'Node', and 'Robotic Arm': These are just the sections in the template. You can also reach those sections by double-clicking from the general video section, which is 'Movie 1'
- If you do not have the font used on the video on your laptop, upload those to your laptop/computer: settings > control panel > fonts. You(at least Windows users) can copy-paste the font to the 'fonts folder' on your laptop.



Scalable porosity and componential logic:
Capture(204).png Capture(208).png Capture(215).png Cl4.jpg

Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 16.06.35.png